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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  June 22, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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point whether or not it was the gun used in the crime but they are considering whether or not it does have any link to it. commissioner ramsey did talk to the media a little while ago as well. he spoke about the fact that this is now the second shooting in three days in the city of philadelphia. >> obviously it's a problem. there's ignorance and people going around shooting like that down streets in the middle of the day, beautiful day, children get struck. it just makes absolutely no sense. but i think again, it reinforces, some of these guys just don't care. >> reporter: the suspect in today's shooting is still not in police custody. police say he escaped on foot and they are looking for any leads to find him. mitch blacher, nbc 10 news. >> today's mass shooting comes after ten people were shot at a block party in west philadelphia over the weekend. three of them were children. this happened saturday night on ogden street. police are still searching for the two gunmen responsible for
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this drive-by shooting. more breaking news now, this in philadelphia's rhawnhurst neighborhood, where police say this suv you see here smashed into this house. this was just in the past 15 minutes or so. >> sky force 10 live over the scene at castor avenue and loney streets. we are told at one point several people were trapped. paramedics rushing at least two victims to a local hospital. we are making calls right now to get more information. count on nbc 10 for updates. now to pope francis exactly three months from today, millions of people will start heading to philadelphia for the week-long events of the world meeting of families. the event starts september 22nd. pope francis will travel to washington, d.c. and new york city before visiting philadelphia on the 26th. he will also be visiting cuba as well. then the papal mass will be on sunday the 27th. nbc 10's chris cato traveled with the philly delegation which arrived this morning in rome. tonight, this is how the
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delegation spent the evening. there was a private reception at the home of the u.s. ambassador to the holy see. chris cato reports. >> reporter: an event the size of the world meeting of families doesn't just sneak up on you. yet here we are, 91 days out, and a team from philadelphia is in rome finalizing plans. >> you have known about this for three years. how are your plans not final? >> planning an event of this scope and this magnitude really takes every minute every second. many of the pieces come together in the final months. >> reporter: like pope francis' detailed itinerary. mayor michael nutter says one of his main goals this week is to pinpoint the pontiff. >> we will map out from the moment he arrives to the moment he leaves philadelphia every movement, every activity all the things he wants to do. >> reporter: which means protecting him and the crowds that follow. nutter's public safety team has a big meeting on thursday with the head of security for vatican city.
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>> we want to make sure we are all on the same page. >> reporter: the delegation will also meet with the arm of the vatican that oversees the world meeting. >> so that we cannot only lock into place all of the final plans but also to demonstrate to them that we are ready and are going to have our doors open and be so hospitable when the world comes in september. >> reporter: a time when for at least a few days, all roads lead to felly. the delegation hits the ground running tomorrow. the day begins with a news conference in which we expect to hear some big names from the international music scene set to perform during the world meeting of families. chris cato, nbc 10 news. >> chris will continue his reports all week from rome plus complete coverage back here at home on our website and the nbc 10 app. today marks the first full day of summer. that means philadelphia pools are open just in time for the summer heat. kids will definitely need to cool off this week by hitting the water.
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as soon as school is out, a lot of kids start heading toward one of the area's most dangerous swimming holes. wissahickon wissahickon, jumping off the rocks into devil's pool has been an illegal tradition for years here one that has injured and drown swimmers. with levels so low in the wissahickon creek right now, the danger factor only rises along with the heat. >> they are unsupervised and they drown. >> we come in we play in the little pool so the kids cool off a little bit, pick up our trash and go home. >> police urge people to use some of the city of philadelphia pools, many of which are opening up this week. we have first alert team coverage of today's heat and possible record highs tomorrow. >> we begin with first alert meteorologist sheena parveen out in the weather live in center city this evening. >> that's right. i'm at logan square. the heat is on today. we got to 91 degrees. nice breeze just picked up so that feels good and the humidity is not so high makes it a
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little more pleasant, too. today is one of those days where you really needed to cool off if you were outside. tomorrow is going to be even hotter than today. yesterday, first day of summer we got to 91 degrees. today, we got to 91. right now we are at 89 in philadelphia. also northeast philly. 87 in chester springs. 86 still in washington township. it is still very warm outside. areas north and west still in about the mid to upper 80s. 85 pottstown, 84 in quakertown. a few areas seeing temperatures maybe a degree or two cooler right now but it is still very warm outside. south jersey and delaware temperatures near 90 degrees through parts of the area. as we go into tomorrow it will be even hotter. temperatures near record levels. with that being said three days in a row of 90 degree plus temperatures would give us our first official heat wave. conveniently starting on the first day of summer which would have been yesterday. tomorrow we could be hitting some record high temperatures across the area. aside from that more humidity and that will be fueling
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possibly some severe storms through the afternoon so we do have a first alert whethereather day issued for that. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is standing by with a closer look at that. >> as hot as it was today, it will feel so much hotter tomorrow. that's one of the reasons we have a first alert weather day out for tomorrow. the combination of heat and humidity making it feel like 100 degrees. the heat advisory in effect for the urbanized areas. a chance of some severe thunderstorms and the greatest threat in those storms is going to be for damaging winds. not expecting tremendous amounts of rain because it's just not going to rain that long. these are going to be fast-moving storms. there are no storms around right now at least close by but some are coming through ohio. some of those are becoming severe tonight and that's sign of things to come tomorrow. the greatest threat for severe storms is in northern new england but there is still some risk throughout just about any
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part of our area tomorrow. we will get more into the timing and how hot it will get and when we will get relief in a few minutes. more than 70 car break-ins in a month in one section of philadelphia and there's one particular car targeted. nbc 10's deanna durante is joining us from south philly with more on the crime alert. >> reporter: the victims here have a lot in common. not only do they live in the same neighborhood but for the majority of them they drive the same cars. >> very frustrating. >> reporter: kevin montgomery was hit twice. >> $300 each time. >> reporter: that's not how much they got but how much his repair bill was. it cost him a total of $600 to be a victim. >> they get a screwdriver, they stick that inside the frame of the window and they just sort of pop it like that and it all breaks inside the vehicle. >> reporter: he and his neighbors are frustrated by night-time car break-ins. many times the thieves get spare change if lucky. word of the crime has spread through this part of town and many are locking up leaving
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nothing in sight. >> my goal is to get resources put behind the issue at night when it's happening to get them caught. >> reporter: from his office at drexel university's lebeau college of business he has reached out to city council police and nbc 10. he says his plan to bring awareness is working. he wants the thieves caught. >> we are hoping the video in the neighborhood if anybody has one, would turn that into the police. >> reporter: now, montgomery says that he was inspired to go public with this to alert people after he spotted a woman crying on the sidewalk because her car had been broken into. she couldn't afford the cost for those repairs. if you have any information on this, you are asked to call philadelphia police. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. former camden firefighters facing fraud charges tonight, accused of faking a disability while working as a martial arts instructor. today a grand jury indicted shane streeter. he is accused of stealing $82,000 by collecting a disability pension in 2010. investigators found out streeter was teaching martial arts
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several times a week. they also watched a youtube video of him participating in mixed martial arts while covering the pension. if convicted he faces up to five years in prison. the bottled water in your fridge may be contaminated with e. coli. pennsylvania company niagara bottling says one of its spring sources had a positive indication of e. coli. the bottles were sold under the brand names acadia acme shop-rite, wegman's and 7-eleven among others. a complete list of names and batch numbers are on millionaires could pay more taxes under a 2016 budget plan. this afternoon, new jersey democrats laid out their $35 billion budget. it includes a one time 15% surcharge on the corporate business tax as well as an increase on anyone making more than $1 million a year.
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a vote is expected later in the week but governor chris christie is expected to use his veto power to cut out the surcharges. lots of action outside the state capitol in harrisburg today. it looks like a place of worship as hundreds of people from different religions are taking part in something similar to moral monday. the group is concerned about the state's crisis in funding for education. they plan to camp out outside the capitol the next nine days until the end of the fiscal year. tonight, calls for change in the south. two hours ago the governor of south carolina and other lawmakers said now's the time to take down the confederate flag at the state capitol. >> for good and for bad, whether it is on the state house grounds or in a museum the flag will always be part of the soil of south carolina. >> this comes after last week's deadly church shooting in charleston that killed nine people. "nbc nightly news" with lester holt will have much more on the
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call to remove the confederate flag. lester holt begins tonight as the new permanent "nbc nightly news" anchor. that's at 6:30 after this broadcast. next on "nbc 10 news at 6:00" a close call. the last second maneuver that saved the life of a local driver stuck on the tracks. warnings from lifeguards after a dangerous sea creature washes up at the jersey shore. >> definitely not typical, extremely rare for the area. >> i'm ted greenberg. why the discovery has marine experts so concerned. next we are tracking possible record heat tomorrow and also could bring severe storms. my first alert forecast is next.
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once again, philadelphia police searching for the person
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who shot seven people this afternoon on the street. victims included three children under the age of 12. this happened on hilton street near f street in kensington. we just checked and two adults are in critical condition right now. all of this coming after a weekend shooting at a block party in west philadelphia that left ten people shot. incredible moment caught on camera. a train barrels into a car on the csx train tracks in newark late last night. the viewer took this video with a cell phone. just moments before this two police officers pulled a 76-year-old driver of that vehicle to safety. looks like a jellyfish but it is much more dangerous. >> it's a portuguese man of war that washed ashore in harvey cedars.
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nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg has more. >> like right about here. >> reporter: it's not what harvey cedars beach patrol captain randy townsend usually sees on the beaches. a dangerous jellyfish-like creature called a portuguese man of war. >> definitely not typical. extremely rare for the area. >> reporter: townsend posted an alert on facebook urging swimmers to be aware of their surroundings after finding this man of war on the water line near the hudson avenue beach sunday morning. crystal guyer is taking the warning seriously. >> i feel like maybe i will just stay out of the water until we figure this out. >> reporter: portuguese man of war have tentacles that can grow from 10 to 30 feet long and marine biologists say their sting is far worse than what you would get from jellyfish normally found at the jersey shore. >> their stings are the among the most painful. if somebody is allergic to bee stings or something like that you can go into shock. >> horrible. >> reporter: emily merchant was
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stung by a portuguese man of war as a child in hawaii. the creatures are commonly found in tropical wars. but the gulf stream and certain wind patterns can send them our way. >> you never want to turn your back on the ocean. it's constantly changing. >> reporter: we are told this was likely not an isolated incident. experts say it is highly probable that more of these creatures will show up on local beaches in the next week or so. i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. well it was a hot day to hit the beach down in cape may today. not too much humidity. good day to be out there, right? >> we are going to get a day with sunshine at the beach, every day is good. as long as the flies aren't biting you. >> why did you have to go there? >> because i've been there. i've seen it happen. but looks nice and peaceful there. tomorrow, you will get some relief from the heat that you didn't necessarily see today.
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it's all about the wind direction when you come to the beach. first alert out for inland areas, not for the beach areas so much for tuesday because of the combination of extreme heat and strong to severe thunderstorms but we are getting relief from all of that on wednesday. humidity's really dropping. lot of sunshine out there. 89 degrees now, the wind 15 miles an hour. relative humidity pretty low considering the time of year. we did get up to 91 yesterday and today. m i'm predicting 97 for tomorrow. that would tie the record set in 1888. another place they will get pretty close to records, too. we'll be in the mid 80s across much of the area and even at the beaches, it's in the mid to upper 80s as well. tomorrow, i don't think it will be quite that warm. the inland urbanized areas have the heat advisory where it will feel like it's near 100 degrees, 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. try to get the outdoor activities done before 11:00 or
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after 6:00 when it's a little more tolerable. we have no showers or storms around now. the closest ones are coming over lake erie. there's another batch out by chicago. that's the stuff that will be coming in during the day tomorrow with the heat of the day. there is a risk of severe storms just about anywhere in the area. the highest risk is up in new england, the area in orange. for us the highest risk of the risks is clearly for wind damage because we are just not going to get the rain lasting long enough to produce any kind of real problems there. it's the high wind that is a real issue tomorrow. as we go into the night tonight, temperatures don't go as low as they did last night. we don't see any rain by morning. then tomorrow we watch this front coming down and those red areas indicating some pretty strong thunderstorms. this particular computer model is even going up to 98 which will break the record. we will be pretty close.
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then as the storm comes over it will drop the temperature 20 degrees just like that. wait until the seven-day. you will see it drop 30 degrees. 74 for the low in philadelphia. 68 north and west. then for tomorrow very hot day. hotter than today, more humid than today. feeling like close to 100 degrees. strong gusts with any of those thunderstorms. less humid, no rain on wednesday. then thursday a chance of showers and then it gets kind of wet and a whole lot cooler. saturday the high of only 67 on a fairly rainy day. i'm john clark. coming up more trouble for pete rose and former flyer kimmo timonen retires as stanley cup champ. will he now work for the flyers? we sit down with him next.
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i'm john clark. phillies at yankee stadium tonight. chase utley dh'ing and batting sixth. president pat gillick says the rebuild may take longer than a few years as he originally thought. more trouble for pete rose in his bid to be reinstated into baseball. espn found a notebook that indicated rose bet on games not just as manager of the reds but also as a player. the agent for sixers draft pick dario sarich said he will not be playing for the sixers next season. he's playing in turkey. former flyer kimmo timonen met with ron hextall to discuss a job with the team. he is retiring a stanley cup champ after 17 years. i sat down with him today as he returned to town.
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>> i can't describe the feeling. it was just full range of emotions. at the end of the day i didn't know what to do with it. i was like yeah yeah yelling and i was like okay, guys, take it. >> reporter: it was ten months ago kimmo was told he had life-threatening blood clots in his lungs and legs. >> from the hospital bed i was in not able to play and a lot of doctors said no don't take that chance and just sitting here as stanley cup champion it's kind of an unreal feeling. >> reporter: kimmo had over a dozen meetings with ron hextall about coming back. he had to convince hexy. >> probably thinks still that i was crazy. he told me that. but i think he realized throughout all these meetings we had that this guy wants to win. this guy wants to win so bad that he's risking his life for the final chance.
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>> reporter: kimmo won the cup with the blackhawks but he still talks like he's a flyer. and he really wants this city to end their 40-year cup drought. >> flyers have a special place in my heart. hopefully, hopefully we can do this. >> reporter: i like how you say we. >> i would like to be part of it some day. flyers are my team. this place has something amazing, the parade we had thursday in chicago, that's something every player should see and experience. it's unbelievable. i can only picture if that happens here, it would get so crazy. >> reporter: we need it. what a storybook ending for his career. i'm john clark. we'll be right back.
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little bit of everything here. tomorrow, extreme heat and the chance for severe storms and by the weekend, we're talking about highs maybe in the 60s with some rain. wow. >> that's all over the place.
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thank you. for all of us, thanks for watching. tonight the flag fury explodes in south carolina. and a dramatic turn late today from the governor. >> it's time to move the flag from the capitol grounds. >> this as president obama stuns many by using the n word in a frank discussion about racism in america. a major break in the manhunt for two escaped murderers after weeks without a trace have authorities finally found their hiding place? we're on the front lines in the fight against isis in iraq not with the americans but with the militias backed by iran. as bitter adversaries fight a common enemy. and swift action. apple changes its tune in a hurry after one of the most powerful women in the entertainment world takes a s


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